Parking lot LED Lighting

Save Up To 80% In Energy Cost By Retrofitting Your Existing Metal Halide Lamp With A New Energy Efficient LED

It Only Takes 20 Minutes To Install. Retrofit or NEW We Can Help You Save Money and Maintenance Dollars For the Next 100,000 Hours.

Retrofit LED    New LED Shoebox 

      Retrofit                                   New Fixture


Retrofit Installation TGI Fridays Parking Lot Lights

400W to 135W LED

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Typical Installations For Parking Lots, Up Lighting and Walkways

Parking lot lighting

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culusWe Are Proud To Say We Are Now UL and Canadian Listed

Convert 99% Of Any HID To An LED And Use Your Own Fixture


Use Your Own Fixture

Forget about buying a new fixture. Our patent pending Retrofit Kits convert HID and Fluorescent light fixtures into maintenance free, energy efficient LED fixtures.Save up to 80% in Energy.

Neu-Tech Energy Solutions represents a Made in the USA Manufacturer of sophisticated microprocessor controlled LED products. We provide "off the shelf" LED Retrofit Kits for shoeboxes in parking lots, parking garage lights, Hi and Low bay lighting for manufacturing, wall pack lights and LED tubulars for fluorescents bulbs and many other applications listed. All with a 100,000 PLUS hour lifespan and 5 year warranty and a energy savings feature in each unit that allows it to reduce the wattage by 50% when you don't need it.

LED Light On Yoke Bracket

 LED Light On Yoke Bracket w/Mogul Adapter LED light on Single Plate. Driver, Fan and Heat Sink

2 LED Units...8 Wattages Available

Model 4827: Select from 4 Wattages via a dip switch 30W, 40W, 50W and 60W

Model 4293 Select from 4 Wattages via a dip switch 75W, 85W, 95W And Our High Output 135W

If your fixture is over 30' we suggest using our our High Output 135W Setting. If you need more than that we have another LED Light Engine that is putting out 140 Lumens per watt that will really light up your lot.


Church Loves Their New LED Retrofit Lights....Great Security For Night Services


 Shoebox Lighting

Parking Lots Shoebox Lighting (church lot)


 Metal Halide fixture

Automobile Car Lot: 1070W Metal Halide to 296W LED Savings Approximate $625 per fixture, per year


Maui LED installed 2 Neu-Tech LED wins in life rating, wattage savings, payback, CRI, and the ability to retrofit VS every competitor. Two things that cause LED's to degrade and have a short life is A :) Heat and B:) Sharing Voltage or Current. Because we are constant voltage and manage the power to each individual LED to run at it's sweet spot and have the best thermal management in the industry we are a 100,000 PLUS hour life with 1% / Yr. degradation. We also have a cooling magnetic levitation fan attached to each LED light for more thermal efficiency. Lifespan is all about cooling the LED.

The competitors are degrading at 50,000 hours because of poor thermal management and sharing of current and not managing it properly. The ability to retrofit into almost any HID fixture from 70Watts to 1000 Watts. Our product is 80% American Made putting Americans back to work in the down economy. We can offer many different new fixture styles. We can articulate our LED units and change optic lenses to put the light where the customer needs it. Easy to install! The above is a large Mall Parking Lot LED retrofit in Hawaii.


Mendota Prison 

This is a LED retrofit application at a prison in Califorina.

We replaced a 400W HID lamp with a 100W LED light and the light output was better than a brand new HID and this light will last 100,000 hours instead of 10-15,000 hours. They were extremely impressed with the ease of installation and output of the light and are ordering more.

 Below was a 150 watt walkway light at a hospital. We converted it to a 50 watt LED retrofit.

 Hosp.2 54w led rep. 250 wmh1

Below is an assortment of some of our round LED retrofit applications. Our LED works in all types of fixtures.

Round dhoebox Retrofit collage 400w MH to 93w LED


If you need a new Parking Lot Light fixture we can help with that. Our NEW LED Fixtures come with a top of the line LED Light Engine that has a 5 year warranty with a lifespan of 100,000 hours and they are made in the USA.

Parking Lot Shoe Box LED Light Parking Lot LED Shoebox  LED Shoebox Parking Lot


We Also Do Parking Garage Retrofit LED Lighting

Parking Garage Retrofit

Parking Garage Retrofit After Picture With LED Light


Canopy LED Retrofit

Canopy LED Retrofit     :     LED Retrofit For Gas Station 


Hospital In Colorado Application:

Parking Lot Using High Energy 1070W HPS Retrofitted With (3) 93W LED lights (Only 279W) on a plate with turret mount A 74% Savings In Energy Cost.

 High Energy 1070W HPS

"We installed the light last Wednesday. It’s awesome! The mounting bracket fit perfectly. Install was a cinch".

Facilites Manager



Induction Lighting

The Next Best Kept Secret To Energy Efficient Lighting

Efficient LightingThey can last 100,000 hours and are able to reduce your energy consumption by 50%. A great deal if LED Retrofits are not in your budget. Shoebox Induction Retrofit For 1000W Matal Halide. This unit only uses 400W.Great for Car Lots or Parking Lots or High Energy Outside Lighting . Recent Parking Lot Retrofit From Metal Halide to Induction Lighting. The company is so happy with the outcome we are doing another garage for them. You can see why!


Induction 200w shoebox retrofit 3Here is a induction retrofit light. We took this from a 250 Watt to a 120 Watt induction lamp. The Light has a 100,000 LIfespan and a 5 year warranty. The light ouput is excellent and the customer is pleased with the ease of installation and foot candles the light is producing.




New Induction Fixtures In A Parking Garage. Large Insurance Company In Ohio.

Induction Lighting

Other Types of Induction Lighting


Metal Halide

400 Watt Metal Halide to 200 Watt Induction.

Induction lighting provides great lighitng, has a 5 year warranty and last 100,000 hours. Cost less than LED and gives you a minimum 50% Energy Savings

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