Parking lot LED Lighting

Save Up To 80% In Energy Cost By Retrofitting Your Existing Metal Halide Lamp With A New Energy Efficient LED

It Only Takes 20 Minutes To Install. Retrofit or NEW We Can Help You Save Money and Maintenance Dollars For the Next 100,000 Hours.

Parking Lot Lighting LED Retrofit  Prison   New LED Shoebox    Bucket Truck

      Retrofit                          New Fixture          No More Bucket Trucks

Neu-Tech Energy Solutions has over 6 Years Experience in the LED lighting business. With hundreds of different applications and thousands of LED Light Engines delivered across the US, Canada and around the world we have become one of the most experienced LED lighting companies in the US.

In 99% of most cases we can Retrofit your existing HID, HPS, Halogen or Incandescent lighting package to an LED. No Need To Buy New...KEEP YOUR FIXTURE!

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We can help you no matter where you are calling from across the country.

Here are a few pictures of some of the installations we have done.

Hidy Honda1 Parking Lot LED  Christ Hosp.2 54w led rep. 250 wmh1

     Honda Dealership Ohio                                     Hospital Walkway Ohio

Airplane Hangar 2 LED Retrofit   Best Western LED Parking lot lighting

Private Airplane Hangar Michigan                  Best Western Indiana

Parking lot flood light LED  Fullerton1 Shopping Center Parking Lot LED

Strip Shopping Center Flood Orlando              Large Shopping Center California

sun hydraulics1 LED parking lot  Steamtown high bay LED lighting

Industrial Parking Lot Florida                         High Bay Train Repair Pennsylvania

Ricks Car Wash LED parking lot lighting  Mendota Prison Parking Lot LED

Car Wash Florida                                              Prison Parking Lot California

red bluff hotel parking lot lighting LED  Cornerstone LED Pole lights parking lot LED

Small Hotel California                                    Large Office Building Ohio

tgif parking lot LED  Hospital Parking Lot LED

          Restaurant Chain Kentucky                           Large Hospital Parking Lot


Parking lot lighting


     Large Office Building With Parking Lot Retrofit and Up Lighting Conversion   Ohio

As you can see we have done hundreds of installations around the country.

Forget about buying a new fixture. Our LED Retrofit Kits convert HID and Fluorescent light fixtures into maintenance free, energy efficient LED fixtures.Save up to 80% in Energy.

Neu-Tech Energy Solutions represents a variety of quality made LED Retrofit manufactures. We provide "off the shelf" LED Retrofit Kits for shoeboxes in parking lots, parking garage lights, Hi and Low bay lighting for manufacturing, wall pack lights and LED tubulars for fluorescents bulbs and many other applications listed. All with 70,000 to 100,000 PLUS hour lifespan and 5 and 6 year warranty.


 We Have Done A Lot of Churches Inside and Out

Church Loves Their New LED Retrofit Lights....Great Security For Night Services


 Shoebox Lighting

Parking Lots Shoebox Lighting (church lot


Mendota Prison 

This is a LED retrofit application at a prison in Califorina.

We replaced a 400W HID lamp with a 100W LED light and the light output was better than a brand new HID and this light will last 100,000 hours instead of 10-15,000 hours. They were extremely impressed with the ease of installation and output of the light and are ordering more.

 Below was a 150 watt walkway light at a hospital. We converted it to a 50 watt LED retrofit.

 Hosp.2 54w led rep. 250 wmh1

Below is an assortment of some of our round LED retrofit applications. Our LED works in all types of fixtures.

Round dhoebox Retrofit collage 400w MH to 93w LED

We Also Do Parking Garage Retrofit LED Lighting

Parking Garage Retrofit

Parking Garage Retrofit After Picture With LED Light


Canopy LED Retrofit

Canopy LED Retrofit     :     LED Retrofit For Gas Station



Contractors and Car Dealers

There Is A Reason Why Close To 300 Dealerships Are

                        Using Our Light Engines


  Lexus-of-Memphis-LED-Light-photo-6c-580x482  subaru glendale 3-390x390


140 Lumens Per Watt  = Low Wattage High Output More Savings


5 Year Warranty, 100,000 Lifespan = NO Maintenance For 10+ Years


Our LED light engines have helped close to 300 dealerships generate significant savings on utility bills. In addition to the financial benefit the new lights also produce a brighter, full color spectrum light. This helps makes the dealership more appealing to the street, increases security, and helps the true color of vehicles pop for customers. According to one dealer “ These light engines are ahead of the competition and they offer an exceptional customer experience; plus they look and feel great. The light is clean, clear and gorgeous, bringing out the true color of our vehicles.” 


LED Shoebox LED Retrofit Shoebox  LED Shoebox Retrofit                Automotive LED Lighting       Hi Bay LED Lighting wallpack LED Light


Shoeboxes, Wall Packs, Flood Lights, Canopy Lighting,

 High Bays For The ServiceDepartment...We Can Put

 Together An Energy Saving Light Package That Will

 Save You Money And Eliminate Your Maintenance


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