No Need To Purchase A New Fixture Ours Fits Right In

It is as simple as this…remove your old ballast and install our LED driver in its place. Then remove your existing Metal Halide light and screw in our LED Retrofit with its mogul base adaptor right into the existing HID socket. Connect the power wires to the new LED driver wires and you are done. This should take NO longer than 15-20 minutes.

Typical LED Parking Lot Retrofit Applications:

parking lot lighting

Church Parking Lot And Walkway 1000W to 279W


Cornerstone LED Pole lights

Upscale Office Building Complex 400W to 100W


Hospital Parking Lot lights

Hospital Parking Lot 400W to 93W


Led retrofit lighting

Office Building Up Light


led parking lot retrofit

 Other Kinds Of LED Retrofit Installations

led lighting

Hi Bay Lights At A Steel Plant


retrofit lights

Hi Bay Retrofit LIghts

See How Much You Can Save 

Following savings based on 13 hrs/day 52 wks/yr (4745hrs/yr) and $.12/kwh cost Below figures are based on yearly electricity and maintenance savings.

HID Watts Actual Watts Electric Cost LED Retrofit Watts Electric Cost Electrical Savings Maint. Savings Total Savings
100W 125W $71.17 27W $15.37 $55.80 $50.00 $105.80
150W 188W $106.05 55W $31.32 $75.73 $50.00 $125.73
175W 215W $122.42 55W $31.32 $91.10 $60.00 $151.10
250W 295W $167.97 70W $39.86 $128.11 $75.00 $203.11
350W 400W $227.76 98W $55.80 $171.96 $110.00 $281.96
400W 458W $260.78 98W $55.80 $204.98 $110.00 $314.98
1000W 1080W $614.95 296W $168.54 $446.41 $250.00 $696.41

LED Retrofit Hi Bay/ Low Bay Specifications

Integrated LED system for optimum lifetime performance of 100,000 Plus Hrs.

Power Consumption 30W-300W
Lumen Output 2000-7448K
Lumens Per Watt 71-75
Light Source LED Phillips
Color Temperatures White
Color Rendering Index (CRI) Daylight 80

Smart Driver Technology

  • Select 4 different wattages from one fixture 75, 85, 95 and 135 HO Watt
  • Soft start technology extends life.
  • Micro Processor controls current to LED’s. + to – 3% *Over & under voltage and overheating protection. *Safety Mode tells you when something is wrong.
  • Energy Savings Mode included to reduce LED wattage 50%
  • Plug and Play design with simple installation retrofits.
  • UL Listed 120,208,240,277 and 408 single phase inverter incl. *LED operates normally in temp. from -40C to 45C.
  • Operating temperatures of LED at 25C.
  • UL Class 2 Power Class A sound rating Efficacy greater than <90% Power Supply operates between -40C and 50C. 24V Operation


In General...

Our 60Watt LED can replace a 100 - 175 Watt HID Bulb

Our 85Watt LED can replace a 175 - 250 Watt HID Bulb.

Our 95 Watt LED can replace a 250 - 400 Watt HID Bulb

Our 135 Watt LED can replace a 350-400+ Watt HID Bulb

Need More Light? We now have a High Output 135 Watt Unit

Our Triple 100 Watt LED can replace a 1000W HID


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