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Neu-Tech Energy Solutions Updates Metal Finishing Plant To LED


  • Increased Foot Candles In Plant From 7-9 to 40-56 FC
  • Reduced Their Electric Bill By $1000.00 Per Month
  • Increased Their Light Output by over 35% in areas where they were using fluorescent tubes


   Find Out How You Can Improve Employee Morale, Lower Your Monthly Electric Cost And Improve The Quality Of The Parts Going Out The Door By Simply Switching To LED Lighting             

         Finishing Company Case Study

During the initial visit to this Metal Finishing facility we found that the plant on a whole was very dark and the employees were not happy with the lighting at all.  As a general rule we increased the fc reading in the 4 manufacturing bays from 8 fc to 40 – 56 fc. This made a significant impact on employee morale as many workers have come to us thanking us on the new lighting. Inspection is a huge part of finishing so believe it or not employees used  flashlights to check parts. Now they can see perfectly as we not only had converted the fixtures but also relocated a few to get better lighting to the finished parts.

  LED Tube Lights

An LED Corn Cob Light is a perfect LED Retrofit for many Low Bay and High Bay Light Applications. Of Course a lot depends upon height of ceiling and type of lighting needed. This is a 100W LED High Bay Corn Cob replacing a 400W metal halide. LED High Bay lights are a must for better lighitng in plants today.

Above picture on the right is of the finishing room where we retrofitted their Fluorescent Tube lights with our LED Super Strip Lights.

LED Tube Lights  stairway LED Lighting

We replaced (57) T12 40Watt fluorescent tubes with our 44" LED Super Strips creating a huge difference in light in this area. LED Strip Lighting is the way to go for increased lighting. Our Super Strip lights are putting out a whopping 160+ lumens per watt.  In a finishing operation bright lighting is a must. Our LED Super Strips put out more Lumens Per Watt than any other light on the market so they are perfect for applications where quality is a must. On the right you can see how bright the stairways are now...we retrofitted their fluorescent tubes with our Super Bright LED Tube lights.

Why Did They Switch To LED Lighting?

At this particular plant it was imperative that they did not want to take down their existing fixtures. They wanted to retrofit all of the existing lights with LED. Of course in a finishing plant the end results are very important. We increased their foot candle reading from 6-7 FC to 40-55 FC. That is a huge increase. This new lighting will increase not only the safety performance of the company but the reduce their energy consumption, reduce their lighting maintenance for 10+ years and increase the employee moral. We also replaced 26 of their 150W par bulbs with an LED and 4 of their old wall packs with a 60W High Output LED retrofit light. Because all of our lights are DLC listed they were able to receive a nice rebate from their local Utility Company.Plus they were able to take advantage of another Government rebate called Part 179D.

For more information on this please give us a call. We also retrofitted their outside parking lot lights and wall packs to give them better security around their building. By installing LED parking lot lights it save them up to 80% on those lights.

Neu-Tech Energy Solutions specialized in updating older inefficient lighting to new Energy Saving LED Lights. Retrofit or New LED Fixtures we can help you save up to 80% in energy and eliminate your lighting maintenance for 10 Plus years. In the past 8 years we have retrofitted tens of thousands of LED lights across the country. Here is a picture of some of the different applications we have retrofitted.

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