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You Will Be SHOCKED To Know How Much Your Fluorescent Light Fixtures and Parking Lot Lights Are Costing You?

It's Easy To Retrofit Them With An LED And Save Money On Electric...ROI Is Under 2 years

Car Dealers are telling us they are even selling more cars with the new LED lights!


Retrofit Your Service Departments Existing T12, T8 or T5 Fluorescent Tubes With Our LED Super Strip Light And Save Up To 60% In Energy Cost…Plus Increase Your Light Output By Up To 30%.

T8 Fluorescent Tube Fixture  LED Strip Light Retrofit Auto Service

    Old Inefficient T8 Tubes     New LED Super Strips


Fluorescent Tubes  LED Super Strip Install LED Super Strip Retrofit

Eliminate Recycling and Maintenance  Use Your Own Fixture


Neu-Tech’s 165 Lumens Per Watt LED Super Strips

Allow You To Convert Your Old Inefficient Fluorescent Tube Fixtures To A High Efficient LED Fixture


  • Easily retrofit onto your existing florescent fixture (20- 25 minutes)
  • Reduce energy consumption per fixture from (50 – 65%)
  • Led super strips operate at 165 lumens per watt – industry leading!
  • No fixture maintenance for the next decade plus!
  • Typical increase light output per fixture 30%
  • Happy Service Department Because They Can See Better
  • No More Flickering
  • No More Disposal Cost
  • Lower Utility Cost
  • Call For FREE DEMO

For More Information Call Our LED Super Strip Light Specialist and Developer

Neu-Tech Energy Solutions  

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Parking Lot Lighting:

Sell More Cars When Your Customers Can See The Real Color

Standard Metal Halide Shoebox  LED Retrofit Shoebox

Old Inefficient Metal Halide   New Triple 1000W LED Retrofit

Typical 1000W Is Retrofitted with a 280W LED

400W or 1000W we can change out your old inefficient HID lamp with our new HIGH Efficiency and High Output with LOW Wattage LED Light. We only use a 120W for a 400W Retrofit and it puts out 16,212 Lumens. For the 1000W we only need our 280W Unit that puts out 35,338 Lumens.

Immediate Energy Savings up to 80% and Eliminate your maintenance for Decades not years.



DESCRIPTION                                                             NT -300w            (1000w)


AVERAGE HOURS PER DAY WINTER & SUMMER                            13                           

TOTAL HOURS PER YEAR USAGE                                                 4745       



WATTAGE DRAW OF EXISTING 1000W LAMPS PER HOUR                 1080                       

WATTAGE DRAW OF LED RETROFIT UNIT                                       300                         

WATTS SAVED PER LED FIXTURE                                                   780                         

TOTAL WATTS SAVED PER YEAR PER FIXTURE                             3,701,100W            

TOTAL KILOWATTS SAVED PER YEAR PER FIXTURE                     3,701KW                



ENERGY SAVINGS PER YEAR BASED ON $.12 PER KWH                 $444.00                  

ENERGY SAVINGS PER YEAR BASED ON $.14 PER KWH                 $520.00                  


AVERAGE DEFAULT MAINTENANCE SAVINGS/ FIXTURE                 $125.00                  



AVE. 2 YEAR ENERGY & MAINT. SAVINGS @$12/KWH                  $1,138.00                                               

AVE. 2 YEAR ENERGY & MAINT. SAVINGS @$14/KWH                  $1,286.00                               


AVE. 5 YEAR ENERGY & MAINT. SAVINGS @$12/KWH                  $2,845.00               

AVE. 5 YEAR ENERGY & MAINT. SAVINGS @$14/KWH                  $3,215.00                               

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Recessed Can Lighting:

Bright, and energy efficient for your employees and customers. Retrofit your hallways and showroom with our LED Retrofit PL Lights as shown here and save up to 80% in energy cost.

Recessed Can LED Retrofit

Replace your 4 Pin 26W recessed can lights with our 5W LED Can Light.

Save up to 80% in energy. Our LED lights last 60,000 hours and come with a 5 Year Warranty.


Show Room Lighting:

Sell More Cars With A Super Bright LED Retrofit Light

Recessed Can retrfofit

This is a Retrofit LED Light that can be mounted in an existing 150-400W Metal Halide Recessed Can. Our 75W Retrofit puts out 10,014 Lumens. Your Showroom Cars will show up like you have never seen before.

Dark Blue will be Dark Blue Not Black. No Maintenance for Decades not every few years.


Flood Lights:

Stop Thieves In Those Places Where They Can Steal From You!


Retrofit Your Old Flood Lights

HID Flood Lights from 100-400W can be retrofitted with our LED Retrofit light or we can get you a brand new LED Flood Light that will lower your energy cost and take the poor lighting in your lot to a new level of brightness. Some dealers use these in the back of their buildings for security. Thieves will not want to steal converters when it looks like daylight at night.

LED Flood Light  parking lot lighting car lot

Side Lot Flood Light Retrofit                            Bright As Day Now

parking lot LED Retrofit 1000w  1000W LED Parking Lot retrofit

                                Large Toyota Dealership Chicago


1000W LED Retrofit Shoebox Parking Lot  wall pack LED retrofit

  1000W Metal Halide Retrofit to 280W LED                 400W to 120W LED

1000W LED Retrofit Light Car Lot  Car Lot Parking Lot LED Retrofit 1000W

Honda Dealership

For more information on how we can save your Dealership up to 80% in energy cost and eliminate your lighting maintenance for 10+ years give one of our LED Retrofit Lighting Specialist a call. You DO NOT have to buy new fixtures. We can use your existing fixtures and save you money.

Call: 513-702-3533 / 513-325-1623 / 407-230-9096 / 262-707-7288  

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