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Motels and Hotels Your Parking Lot Lighting Is Costing You A FORTUNE!

Keep Your Own Fixtures And Retrofit Them With An LED and Save Up To 80% On Your Energy Bill Every Month


Save Up To 80% On Your Energy Bill Every Month

Hotel LED Retrofit Light  Best Western Hotel LED Retrofit

LED Retrofit Light Fixture                   Best Western In Ohio

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One of our clients owns several hotels in the Ohio and Indiana. One of the hotels has been having problems with their parking lot lights. Neu-Tech Energy Solutions was called in to provide a proposal for new LED Retrofit light to replace their existing 400W Metal Halide lamps. What a difference it made in their parking lot light. The increase in white light was significant and since the are on a large highway you can see the difference from the highway. They have notices an increase in visitors due to the bright white lights. People like bright lights at night. They are concerned about their safety and want to make sure the LED parking lot lights will protect their cars overnight.



LED Retrofit Light in Shoebox fixture  LED Retrofit Installation

Shoe Box LED Retrofit                     Shoe Box LED Retrofit LED Driver

This is a very easy LED Parking Lot Retrofit. It only takes about 30 minutes to install. The first thing you have to do is remove the existing metal halide lamp and the ballast. Next there are screw holes in every show box on the bottom that will let you install the bracket assembly for the new LED Retrofit parking lot light. After you install this you will need to install the new LED Driver. This driver is a Multi Tap driver that will take either 120-277V. What this does is change the input voltage from 120V or 277V to only 24V. This is what is required to fire the LED Chips. Before your done make sure you clean the lens cover while your up there. This is a fast installation and pretty easy to do. Most of our customers have a local maintenance company that takes care of their existing lights or they have a maintenance man that can rent a lift and make this happen.


Best Western LED Retrofit  hotel LED Retrofit

Best Western Parking Lot LED     Small Hotel California LED Flood Light

The picture on the left is the final result for the hotel on the highway. The one on the right is a local hotel in California that really needed help. We replaced their existing flood lights with one of our LED Retrofit lights. You can see the difference. Now there parking lot is a lot more secure.

Wall Pack Lighting  PL LED Retrofit

Wall Pack LED Retrofit              PL Recessed Can 32W to 10W LED

On the left is a typical wall pack that many people use on the side of their buildings. What we find are older yellowed out or burned out wall packs that need total replacement. If you have one of these you will need one of our new LED Wall Packs to replace it.

On the right side you will see a LED retrofit for a can light. In this case there were two CFL lights inside this can light. We retrofitted it with two of our 11W LED Retrofit lights that fit right inside the exiting fixture. This took about 20 minutes to accomplish and is a great LED retrofit because these lights seem to stay on a long time in hotels, restaurants and building.

LED Super Strip  LED Canopy Light

LED Strip Lights Replace Fluorescent Tubes and last 10+ years,

New or Retrofit LED Canopy Lights. Recessed Cans replacements.

Hotels and Motels We have worked with in the past:

Best Western, Candlewood Suites, Comfort Suites, Country Inn Suites, Days Inn, Palm Beach
Resort, Holiday Inn, Holiday Inn Express, Hulsing Hotels, Kings Daughters, Marriott, Red Roof, Southern Inn and Suites, Super 8, White House Inn, Radisson and many more

Thank you for reviewing our information on Hotel and Motel LED Retrofit lighting. We have done work with hundreds of hotels across the country from Motel 6, Super 8, Best Western, Country Inn Suites and more. We have special Hotel Pricing for our Retrofit Lighting.

Call one of our Hotel and Motel Specialist. We can help you save a lot of money on your monthly electric bills. We can also eliminate your lighting maintenance for decades not a few years.

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