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School Switches Out 16 Fluorescent Tubes For 8 LED Tubes and Loves The Light And Savings!


Not only did the School save money on the LED Tubes being lower wattage than the old fluorescent tubes but they cut the tubes they were using in half.

So here is how it played out. This is the before picture with the old fluorescent tubes.


In the photo above, there are 4 light fixtures. Each fixture has 4 F32 T8 fluorescent tubes and 2 ballasts.

Total lighting in this room is 16 fluorescent tubes and 8 ballasts. Estimated cost: 8 ballast at $26.00 each and 16 fl tubes at $4.00 each. Totaling $ 272.00.

Life span unknown.

After LED Tube Light

 In the photo above, there are 4 light fixtures. NO fluorescent tubes. NO ballasts.  There are 8 LED tubes.

Estimated cost: 8 LED tubes at $13.00 each.  Totaling $ 104.00.

Life span 50,000 hours.

Take a good look at the two pictures. The before at the top with 4 lamps is a lot duller looking. The after picture below has 5000K tubes in that represent daylight and you can see the floor and wall color much better. The students love the Day White 5000K LED tubes and there are only 2 per fixture instead of 4 and they do not Flicker and cause headaches for the children.


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