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Your Parking Lot Lighting LED Is Costing You The Most Money!

Retrofit Your Parking Lot Lights With An LED

Should I Update My Parking Lot Lights To LED?


Parking Lot Shoebox   LED parking lot light 


90% of Parking Lot Lights Use A 400W Metal Halide....Here Is How Much You Will

Save If You Switch To LED Based On Paying $.12 Per KW.

 ENERGY SAVINGS PER YEAR BASED ON $.12 PER KWH        $175.00                                                  



 Total Per Year Savings: $225.00 

 Second Year Savings: $450.00

 Five Year Savings: $1125.00 


Now That We See The Payback Is So Fast....

What Kind Of LED Should I Buy?



LED Parking Lot Retrofit  LED parking lot light  

LED Retrofits are a great way to update your existing Metal Halide or High Pressure Sodium lights to LED and save up to 80% in Energy.

We have sold "tens of thousands" of our LED Retrofits pictured above. From 45W up to 400W we can retrofit your 100W or 1500W existing fixture and save you money. Prices range from $150 to $550.00 depending upon size. 

Retrofit LED lights are an inexpensive easy way to retrofit your existing fixtures. In most cases it only takes about 20-30 minutes to retrofit these parking lot lights. 

Question: Do LED Retrofit Lights cost less than a new fixture? In most cases yes they do cost less but the prices are coming down so we usually provide pricing on both to show you the difference.


CALL: 513-702-3533 / 407-230-9096 OR 513-325-1623 FOR MORE INFORMATION 




New LED Parking Lot Fixtures


New Shoebox LED Light  LED pole light fixture  


If your fixtures are older or you want a more architectural upgrade to your lighting system a New LED Light Fixture may be the best choice for you. As mentioned the price of a New LED Fixture is not that much more than an LED Retrofit Light. Installation may take longer because most of these parking lot lights have been up there on the pole for many years.

Sizes range from 60W up to 400W which will replace anything from a 100W to 1500W parking lot light. 

The good news about New LED light fixtures we are able to get them with different optics. What that means is if your parking lot light is now lighting up the grass underneath the pole we can get the fixture in different optics. 

  Type V Optics 


One reason we do not like to sell Parking Lot Lights Online from a shopping cart is that we need to ask you several questions before we sell you a New Or Retrofit parking lot light. As you can see above the light on the left is made to only shoot straight out. You won't send light to the grass around the light. The other spread is great for the middle of a parking lot not this way you get light spread surrounding the fixture.


When purchasing New Or Retrofit LED lighting keep this in mind.

1. What is the lumen count of the light you are purchasing? There is a big difference in Lumen Count per Watt buyer beware. Lower cost lights provide lower quality chips and less lumens per watt.


2. What is the wattage of the light you are buying. There is big difference in Lumens Per Watt. This changes monthly so the higher lumens per watt you get the more advanced LED Chip and better chip.


3. Is your light DLC listed better yet DLC Premium Listed. DLC is the quality control of the LED industry. All our lights are DLC and UL listed and some Premium Listed.


4. What is your warranty? Our Lights are 6 years.


5. Are you in a high crime area? You may want to bump up your lighting.


6. Are there houses around your parking lot light? You may want to bump it down. LED lights are bright.


7. Are the manufacturers ISO 9000 listed. This means quality and the products and chips are high grade. We only use ISO 9000 factories.


The Facts Are...these lights will last over 10 Years. Make sure you get the right light for the job. People forget that these lights last so long. You want to make sure you put the right light in the first time.

Call The Experts At Neu-Tech Energy Solutions Before You Make Your Decision.



CALL: 513-702-3533 / 407-230-9096 OR 513-325-1623 FOR MORE INFORMATION 





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