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LED Pole Light Fixtures

LED Pole Light Fixtures Pricing Is Now More In Line With LED Retrofit Lights...Check Them Out!

In the past LED Pole Light Fixtures used to cost a lot more than retrofit LED lights. That day has changed the new LED pole light fixtures are coming down in price every year. Both work great.... but if you have older HID lamps and fixtures it may be better to update to a new LED pole light fixture. We can help you figure out the best way to update your existing lighting to LED at the best price with the best product.

LED Pole Light Fixtures       Slim Line LED Pole Light


Our New Slim Line LED pole fixtures come in different sizes and different colors and have very long life spans and usually carry 5-6 year warranties.

Some of the advantages of our New LED Pole Lights

  • UL cUL DLC certificate
  • Mean Well IP65 driver,input voltage 100-277VAC
  • No UV or IR in the beam
  • Easy to install and operate
  • Energy saving, long lifespan
  • Light is soft and uniform, safe to eyes
  • Instant start, NO flickering, NO humming
  • Green and eco-friendly without mercury.


We have a complete line of LED Pole Lights available. Not all are exactly alike. It has been our experience to talk with the customer first and find out what the application is exactly before we recommend a particular LED Pole Light fixture. Some of them have different optics on them that will work better in certain applications.

LED Pole Light Fixtures       Slim Line Parking Lot Light FixtureNew Slim Line LED Light Fixture



Ultra Slim Line LED Shoebox Fixture

As an example if you have a car lot you will want different optics on the inside pole light fixtures than you will on the outside pole lights. The outside pole light will have optics that shoot directly at the cars in the lot and not on the ground under the light. The inside LED pole light fixtures will have optics that shoot at both sides and not only one side. This will help light up the middle of the lot and shine on all the cars on both sides.

LED Pole Light Fixture
Pole Light Fixtures


You can see in this picture two different pole light fixtures. One is near the curb and the other is in the middle of the light. The one at the curb needs to shine on the cars underneath the fixture. The Pole light fixture in the middle of the car lot needs to shine 360 degrees which requires a different optic pattern.

Churches, Restaurants, Hotels and the location of the lights make a big difference as to what we will recommend for your LED parking lot application.

LED Pole Light Fixtures LED Pole Light Fixture

Here are two different LED Pole Light fixtures used in two different applications. One is a Hotel where it is imperative that they have bright lights for the security of their customers and to protect their cars in the evening. The other is a large shopping center where again a very bright LED Pole light fixture is needed to protect their customers and cars in the evening.

Type III Optics LED Light Pole          Optics LED Light Pole

Type III Side Optics LED Light Pole and Type V Optics. You can see how the light spread is different in both lights and will make a huge difference in how the parking lot lighting is lit up.


When you are ready to upgrade to new LED light pole fixtures give the experts at Neu-Tech Energy Solutions a call. We can help you pick out the right wattage, lumen count and voltage for the job. Don't be left in the dark. Make sure you get the right light for the right price.

With the cost of electric rising every day the cost to operate an older inefficient Metal Halide or High Pressure pole light fixture is very costly. The payback on updating to a new or retrofit LED pole light fixture is less than two years and in most cases and less than a year depending upon where you live.

To find out more about updating your existing pole light fixtures to an LED give one of our experts a call.

We have retrofitted tens of thousands of them across the country in all kinds of applications. We can provide you with the best choice at the best price.

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