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Since 2008 Neu-Tech Energy Solutions has been in the Commercial LED Lighting business. We started out retrofitting parking garage metal halide lights with Compact Fluorescent lights. This at the time was a great way to cut the energy and provide a longer lasting light at the same time.

Times have changed and the LED Lighting business has taken over and is changing at warp speed. LED Retrofit lighting is moving at warp speed. Every day new products are being introduced with higher Lumen Per Watt chips.

In 2010 the best we could do was 70 lumens per watt. Today we are seeing chips putting out 170 lumens per watt and that is going up.

99% Of All Existing Lighting Can Be Retrofitted with LED Lights

LED Retrofit Light  
On the left is a Standard 400W shoebox fixture that was retrofitted with a 120W LED Retrofit light.
The fixture on the right is a high bay light fixture. This is being retrofitted with a LED Cob Light.
LED Cob Lights
LED Cob Light

As you can see LED Cob Lights can be retrofitted into many different styles of light fixtures. The cob light is the least expensive LED Retrofit for commercial lighting. One thing you really need to make sure of is the size if the existing light and the new LED Cob Light. We suggest you call one of our LED Retrofit lighting experts and speak to them about your application before you purchase one of these lights.

LED Retrofit Lights last over ten years so make sure you purchase the right light for the right application. The width and length need to fit into the existing fixture.

LED Tube and Strip Lights

LED Tubes Retrofit    LED Super Strip Light Retrofit

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That Will Save You 50% In Energy Cost and Last You 50,000 Hours

LED Tubes are not all built the same. Our LED Super Tubes are now DLC 4.0 Certified. This is the highest rating of quality a LED tube can attain.

If your looking at a LOW PRICE LED Tube light on the internet make sure you ask if they are DLC 4.0 Certifies. That means quality and you don't want to buy LED poor quality tubes.

This is a purchase that will last 10 years or more so make sure you get the best there is on the market. Saving a few pennies is not worth it in the long run if you are planning on keeping these lights for 10 plus years. Get the best LED Retrofit available.

This is a direct replacement for any existing fluorescent lamp need to remove the ballast or rewire. Complete with a 5 Year Warranty.

Product Benefits

ETL Listed Classified, Dual Mode Internal Driver

Compatible with electronic instart start ballast

Traditional replacement for fluorescent tubes. No need to remove the ballast and rewire

Can operate off of line voltage if the troffer is rewired to bypast the ballast

Voltage: AC-100-277V

High CRI >80

Warranty 5 Years

Lifespan 50,000 Hours

As we stated we can retrofit about 99% of all commercial lights with our complete line of LED Retrofit Lights. The lowest hanging fruit in most industrial or commercial lighting applications are the LED Parking lot lights. These lights use the most wattage in most applications. Parking lot lights use 250W to 1000W per light fixture. This is the easiest way to save money for your company.

You can retrofit an existing parking lot light pole in about 30 minutes and get a payback under 2 years.

We have both a LED Retrofit or a new LED Pole Light Fixture. Both will work great and do a great job for many years to come.

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LED shoebox fixtures    LED shoebox fixture   

LED Retrofit Parking lot light...the one on the left is an existing 1000W shoebox that is being retrofitted with a 300W LED Retrofit parking lot light. The one on the left is a brand new LED Shoebox Light Fixture. Both of these only take about 30 minutes to install.

Start saving dollars now with our LED Retrofit LED lights of fixtures.

We have a complete line of LED Retrofit lights including; Parking Lot lights, wall packs, high bay lights, low bay lights, cob lights, street lights, flood lights, canopy lights and more.


LED parking lights


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