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Retrofit LED Parking Lot Lights

The Fastest Way To Save Money On Your Electric Bill

There are several ways to upgrade your existing parking lot lights. One is to remove the existing parking lot light and install a new LED parking lot light fixture. The other is to install a Retrofit LED Parking Lot Light

In the past a LED Retrofit parking lot light was the least expensive way to upgrade to LED lighting. Today a new LED Light pole fixture cost is very close to a retrofit LED light.

Both have long warranties and provide a lot more light than what you are getting now with your existing metal halide or high pressure sodium lights. These lights deteriorate very fast and only last a few years. The high pressure sodium lights provide a yellow kind of light and are not very good at providing a safe parking lot area.

LED Church Parking Lot Lighting Before


LED Church Parking Lot Lighting After


This is a church parking lot light that we used LED Retrofit lights to brighten up the lights for the church because they have a lot of services and activities at night. They wanted more security for their members and the old High Pressure Sodium Lights were not getting the job done as you can see above. The new LED Retrofit Parking lot lights have made a huge difference and the church was very pleased with the results.

It is much safer to either use a Retrofit LED or a New LED pole light fixture to get the best lighting for your parking lot light.

Customers love to have bright lights when they park their expensive cars. It keeps others from running into them and provides a secure feeling when walking to their cars at night.

We have supplied our LED Retrofit kits for many different facilities across the country to retrofit their 100-1000w exterior and interior fixtures.  We literally have sold over 22,000 of our retrofit kits over the past 9 years.

Buying From A Shopping Cart On The Internet

It is very difficult to buy a Retrofit or NEW LED shoebox fixture over the internet without talking to an expert. There are a lot of different kinds of applications and you need to get the right lumen count and wattage and voltage specified for each application.

What we would recommend for a church lot might not be the same as a office parking lot light. What kind of neighborhood are you in? What we would recommend for one neighborhood may not be what we would recommend for another neighborhood. We ask a lot of questions because we want to make sure you get the right LED light for the job.

Keep in mind this decision is very important because these light will last over 10 years and you don't want to make a mistake picking the wrong light for the job.

Some of our clients

Following is a partial list of facilities that have purchased 75+ units.

EPA Cincinnati, Ohio                      Texas DOT Locations                            Lutron Corp., Pennsylvania                

Toyota Engineering, Hebron, Ky.    Pottsville Schools, Pennsylvania           Goshen Comm. College, Goshen, Ind.

Paul Mitchell Corp., Ca.                  Toyota Dealer, Waukegon, Ill.               GM Buick Dealer, Tuscon, AZ

Honda Dealer, Dayton, Ohio           Honda Dealer, Birmingham, Al.             British Petrofeum, Prudhoe Bay, AK.

Monsanto Agri, California               Becton Dickenson, South Carolina         Indianapolis Power & Light,

Google, Council Bluffs, Iowa          Greencroft Retirement, Goshen Ind.        City of Visalia, California

Astra Zeneca Cinti., Ohio (89)           Anchorage Baptist Temple, Alaska          Aurora Health Care, Wisconsin

McDonalds Restaurants                    Over 100 churches                                 Over 100 hotels


Here is a basic Return On Investment for a parking lot light that was using a 400W unit and has switched to a 120W LED Retrofit light.

DESCRIPTION                                                             NT-GI-RT-120    (120w)                  

AVERAGE HOURS PER DAY WINTER & SUMMER                            13                                                           

TOTAL HOURS PER YEAR USAGE                                                      4745                                       



WATTAGE DRAW OF EXISTING 400W LAMPS PER HOUR                               458                                                         

WATTAGE DRAW OF LED RETROFIT UNIT                                       120                                                         

WATTS SAVED PER LED FIXTURE                                                     338                                                         

TOTAL WATTS SAVED PER YEAR PER FIXTURE                                              1,603,810W                            

TOTAL KILOWATTS SAVED PER YEAR PER FIXTURE                     1,603KW                



ENERGY SAVINGS PER YEAR BASED ON $.10 PER KWH                 $160.00                                  

ENERGY SAVINGS PER YEAR BASED ON $.12 PER KWH                 $193.00   Per Fixture

ENERGY SAVINGS PER YEAR BASED ON $.14 PER KWH                 $225.00                                                  


AVERAGE DEFAULT MAINTENANCE SAVINGS/ FIXTURE                             $100.00                  



AVE. 2 YEAR ENERGY & MAINT. SAVINGS @$10/KWH                  $520.00                                                                  

AVE. 2 YEAR ENERGY & MAINT. SAVINGS @$12/KWH                  $586.00   Per Fixture

AVE. 2 YEAR ENERGY & MAINT. SAVINGS @$14/KWH                  $650.00                                  


AVE. 5 YEAR ENERGY & MAINT. SAVINGS @$10/KWH                  $1,300.00                               

AVE. 5 YEAR ENERGY & MAINT. SAVINGS @$12/KWH                  $1,465.00  Per Fixture

AVE. 5 YEAR ENERGY & MAINT. SAVINGS @$14/KWH                  $1,625.00

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